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By guest from Auckland, New Zealand 5 years ago

Never have I ever eaten a live chicken

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    wrong button
    Posted by guest Hong Kong 11 months ago
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    It was dead when I ate it...
    Posted by Sanara Norway 1 year ago
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    how could you? im also vegtarian
    Posted by guest from New Jersey, United States 2 years ago
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    I've eaten a dead, cooked chicken many times. I think a live chicken would be hard to eat. I think it woulc peck and claw at your fingers. I don't really want to subject myself to that kind of pain.
    Posted by guest from Vest-Agder, Norway 2 years ago
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    Posted by Radium from Madeira, Portugal 2 years ago
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    Posted by AuberPop United States 4 years ago